Chicago Cohort

We are proud to announce the launch of a new cohort in the Chicago area to be launched in fall 2014. The Chicago Cohort will consist of up to 10 congregations from multiple movements that meet on a regular basis with a congregational liaison to rethink approaches to b’nai mitzvah and prepare to launch small experiments during the 2014-2015 school year. In addition to working in congregational teams, all 10 congregations will meet in person throughout the course of a year to network, learn from each other and experts, and provide support and feedback to peers.

The Chicago Cohort is supported by a grant from the Crown Family Philanthropies.

Why a local cohort?

Congregations in the Chicago Cohort will have the unique opportunity to link silos in their efforts to revolutionize b’nai mitzvah. By working with colleagues in a similar geographical area, the congregations will strengthen their networks across denominations towards the ultimate goal of creating meaningful and long-lasting experiences for youth and their families.

Who is on the congregational BMR team?

The BMR team consists of at least 3 people in your congregation who are empowered to make decisions about b’nai mitzvah. We recommend at least 1 lay person and 1 clergy member. One member will be the team’s primary contact. This person will be the liaison between your team and the BMR staff.

Chicago Cohort Materials

We will post materials to this page as they become available.

Chicago Introductory Workshop Powerpoint


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