The Active Learning Network

Focused Learning Groups Congregations join in groups to go in-depth with an expert on a critical topic in revolutionizing b'nai mitzvah. Learn more about Focused Learning Groups.

The Pilot Cohort

The Pilot Cohort is a small group of congregations who were first to work with the B'nai Mitzvah Revolution. They developed visions and launched experiments with new approaches to b’nai mitzvah preparation and observances. Read more about the Pilot Cohort.

The LA Cohort

The LA Cohort consists of congregations from multiple movements that meet on a regular basis with a congregational liaison to rethink approaches to b’nai mitzvah and launch small experiments. Read more about the LA Cohort.

The Chicago Cohort

The Chicago Cohort
The Chicago Cohort brings together congregations from across the Chicagoland area in multiple movements to rethink approaches to b'nai mitzvah. Read more about the Chicago Cohort.

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